For many companies, transitioning to homeworking has been straightforward during the pandemic.

But for the construction industry it’s been a different story, with sites allowed to continue their operations even during the tightest restrictions.

Often described as the backbone of the country, the sector has certainly lived up to its reputation throughout COVID-19, with thousands of construction workers continuing to come on site every day to keep projects running.

And quite rightly the industry has been recognised for its invaluable contribution by the Government for remaining open throughout.

Whether that’s delivering on large or small construction sites, in peoples’ homes, in builders’ merchants, or producing construction and mineral products, the sector has made a major contribution to the economy throughout the global pandemic.

The impact of a COVID-19 outbreak

As COVID-19 remains a serious and constant threat to employees’ health, companies’ reputations, and work deadlines with staff absences, an outbreak amongst your workforce can be devastating and result in a huge cost to your company.

Ever-increasing materials costs and labour shortages mean it is key for construction businesses to maintain as much stability as possible.

With the construction industry running to some of the tightest deadlines, coupled with the threat of crippling fines, it is essential to keep our workforces going.

Therefore, keeping your workforce tested is essential as it mitigates risk and can help bring employees back to work sooner, which is beneficial to both the workforce and the employer.


To protect the workforce and minimise the risk of spread of infection, testing is the safest and most efficient way to keep sites operating whilst adhering to strict government guidelines and current health and safety regulations.

Tests can stop the spread of COVID-19, eliminate outbreaks and therefore the potential closure of a business.

Who can help?

As leaders in the scientific industry, Government-approved Source BioScience has been at the forefront of the testing program since the very start of the pandemic.

Source BioScience understands the complexities of the construction industry; with companies operating different sites across the UK with transient staff, it can be difficult to keep on top of testing, especially with so much information to digest.

This is why UK based Source BioScience is supporting building sites across the country to keep them safe and operational with their Government-approved COVID-19 Testing Service.

Their end-to-end cost-effective solutions provide results in under 24 hours to ensure your business keeps operating safely and efficiently during these turbulent times.

They can help you, your team and business minimise the risk with less admin, less hassle and less risk.

Source BioScience can help in a range of ways to keep employees safe and sites running by:

  • Offering testing on your site (PCR) with rapid next day results
  • Providing information for you to distribute to your clients for RAMS and your on-site Health and Safety procedures
  • Offering the most competitively priced PCR testing on the market, as they understand budgets are often set
  • Supplying information on your testing practices for new tender documents, providing your clients absolute peace of mind when selecting you for the job
  • Providing medically trained staff to carry out the tests
  • Being accredited to the highest standards including: ISO:15189 which is a recognised standard the Department of Health & Social Care have stipulated for an operating laboratory offering COVID-19 test services
  • Offering friendly and expert advice with your own dedicated Account Manager to remove any hassle associated with COVID-19 testing