You’d think that bobbing up and down in a bath of soapy water most nights of the week would be enough to keep bath toys clean….. Wrong!

After just a few weeks of use your child’s bath toys can quickly get covered in yucky black mould and mildew.

Ask yourself… do you really want that in the bath with the kids?

As with most things it’s easier to manage if you keep on top of things. Clean bath toys regularly from the beginning rather than letting them get yucky.

Follow our simple cleaning tips below on how to keep kids bath toys clean, fresh and nice for your kids to play with.

How to clean bath toys after each use

  • After each use – squeeze excess water out of squirty toys.
  • Leave all the bath toys to dry on a clean towel. Once dry store them away until next bath time.

Weekly cleaning routine for kids water toys

  • Soak them once a week. Just place the toys in a sink of hot soapy water with a couple of cups of white vinegar added.
  • With squirty toys make sure you suck up some of the soapy vinegar solution inside the toy. Then simply squeeze out a few times to really clean the inside of the toy too.

How to clean mould off kids bath toys

If you’ve not been cleaning the kids bath toys regularly and they’ve got mould and mildew build up on them – follow these tips for cleaning them properly.

Note – this method is not suitable for squirty toys or toys you cannot rinse easily.

  • Fill a sink with hot water add the correct quantity of Milton as per the bottle instructions.
  • Soak all the toys in the cleaning solution for at least an hour. Then rinse and run a fresh sink of hot water and add a squirt of washing up liquid into the water.
  • Use an old toothbrush to scrub off any remaining mould patches.
  • Rinse very well to remove all the cleaning solution and dislodged mould.
  • Leave the toys to air dry before putting them away ready for bath time.

Important safety information! – don’t use a bleach solution to wash squirty toys as it’s difficult to rinse fully out of the inside of the toys and would then pose a danger to your child. If squirty toys don’t come clean with a vinegar and soap solution then they need discarding.