Taylex and our partners are proud to be involved with a group of new COVID-19 examination centres to help lift the burden on the healthcare system, along with a fully managed turnkey program that’s designed to allow NHS staff to focus on their important roles.

Our in-house teams have built the sites from start to finish within 2 days, with a one-day hand over period. Consisting of two drive-through lanes, four clinical examination rooms, a comms room with storage for medical provisions, and a staff room. These examination centres are designed using medical grade flooring and hard, wipeable walling. The materials are the same as you would find in a hospital or dental surgery and all joints are thoroughly sealed to improve the cleaning down process at the end of every day.

Extensive planning means that the buildings will be ready to go and hassle-free once they’re built. The two drive-through lanes will feature solid walls, electrical points and lighting to create a comfortable working environment for practitioners. Meanwhile, the clinical examination rooms will each contain a medical examination couch, furniture, electrical sockets, a handwash sink with hot and cold water, a storage cupboard, and a worktop area for provisions. Finally, the staff room includes a kitchen sink with drainer, hot and cold running water, a large worktop area, shelving, and changing rooms.

The doors to all rooms will have privacy glass installed and toilets will be available for both staff and the public, along with showers for staff only. We also worked with the local councils to provide way-finding, coned lane layouts and security fencing to make the testing centres easy to use and free of risks. Not only that, but a project manager is at the end of the phone line at all times, ready to answer with questions and queries twenty-four hours a day.

These temporary centres will ensure our NHS can continue to provide the valuable and amazing work they are renowned for in a safe and efficient environment.